We identify the most compelling artists and artworks for each project and offer a choice of à la carte or turn-key services to meet each client’s particular needs. Through our artists, we carry and create world-class art for your space.

Aline Brant

From Macanese (Rio de Janeiro, BRA), she is recognized for
her art production with interventions in her own printed photographs.

Anabela Salcedo

“My choice of subject comes from my interest in ideas about beauty and emotional connections. I enjoy finding photographs that capture genuine moments. I photograph people in action because I want to capture those moments in time. Recently I’ve focused on portraits that capture mood through light and composition”

Ana Inés Bonet

Nature Photographer, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Through different camera techniques she experiments with textures and abstract compositions, focusing on both nature as well as black & white images. Her personal perspective and the use of light is her distinctive character.

Guadalupe Ayala

She works from fragments and from animalized or unrealized beings to build a story, a dialogue with a Fantastic World in pure colors. ​

Daniella Bruno

Her curiosity led her to deepen into the Sacred Art and discovered her inclination for the “spatula”technique, an instrument by which she beleives, can transform something insignificant into a transcendental work of art.

Daniela Wicki

She focuses on objects that arouse her emotions and these photos become the starting point of her creative process, that is not always conscious. It is like a magical force that grows within her and she never knows what direction it will take.

“For me, art is an aesthetic, ethical and ultimately spiritual force: a challenge of finding in each creation a self-realization, a self-portrait of my energy, a landscape of forces, life in motion”

Gabriel Bruzzone

Gabriel’s figures seem to look out to check that abstract condition, that universality from which we all come and to which we irremediably go. Through his implacable and peaceful eye, he shakes the images of the cities looking for the shelter that nature provides.

Kirsten Brown

“There is a certain type of delicacy that arises from the indolence of the tropical ocean, the meander of a tropical garden or resting late at night. I photograph the splendor of everyday objects and digitally develop the opulence hidden inside: I think of the sensuality of Miami. The sumptuousness of Alice in Wonderland, all poured into a single frame”

Kuti Martínez

She is a fine art photographer and artist from La Havana, Cuba. She loves creating images that “speak” to people and invite them to find their own intimate way as well.

Her projects are about nature, simplicity, silence. She prints in different Japanese papers and sometimes she combines them with encaustic medium
(mixture of bee wax and dammar resin), also iron and wood.

Lia Porto

Born in Patagonia, Argentina, her work is characterized by her “industriousness” and complexity, with organic images and various focal points. Glazes, layers of color, lines and dots, weave a strange world, both natural and artificial, that awakens the imagination of the spectator.

Mane Gurmendez

“I love exploring the visual potential of words, stripping them from their literal sense to generate works with a different meaning which induce to contemplation. In my creative process, I try to create a plastic dialogue between texts extracted from literature or songs, and themes inherent to our human nature”

Mariangeles Blanco

She uses different languages, choosing them according to the concept. Her drawings and watercolors are often representations of photos, mainly of rivers, she takes while travelling.

Martin Pelenur

“I understand painting as a way of thinking and as an experimental practice. I think open workshops are the most loving way to share my work”

Martin Vaneskeheian

Argentinian artist who ventures into illustration, graphic design, and writing. He is a passionate independent researcher especially on issues related to the Armenian culture, history and identity, visual arts, literature, architecture, history (and prehistory), traditions, beliefs, & mythology.

Orly Montag

“I have always been fascinated by the human body and try to express it in my sculpting. I like examining human behavior and imagine the story behind the visible appearance. My work is influenced by classic figurative sculpting and most of the figures I create are gender fluid”

Osmán Astesiano

“Give your palettes bright and cheerful colors.Let’s offer the positive opportunity of joy and not of Negavism of Fury “

Pati Fernandez Graña

The central axis of her work is painting and color. Her pictorial language tries to build a new planism image, working with different color layers, in a non-volumetric way without chiaroscuro, where background and figure compete and complement each other based on precise and austere drawing.

Rafael Rangel

“We continually see visual codes on objects of mass consumption that surround us. Their lines and forms- created by standardized mega industries and anonymous designers- define the aesthetics that we live in our time and environment. When changing their position or when using formal resources such as repetition, the lines and codes containing these utensils are dissected. By eliminating the functionality of the object, its meaning becomes symbolic, internal and poetic, among other things”

Santiago Epstein

We can say that he is a Storyteller. Through his photography, he tells much more than what we observe. They create worlds that go beyond what we simply see.

Santiago Velazco

His landscape is disfigured by the load of information and reconfigured once again in chaos as a principle of balance.

The formula is repeated in stripes, circles, triangles, prisms, spots, clouds, smoke, grasses, colors that vibrate, urban landscapes and contradictory jungle.

Santiago Zabala Conde

An artist in a permanent search for different ways of expressing plastic solutions, focused mainly on the “what” and the “how”

Diego Villalba

Artists, like all humans, build their mental representations through what they see, understand
and interact with the world. In Diego’s case, it is necessary to explore with special attention this area of consciousness in which ideology is confused and combined with his emotional world.

Santiago Aldabalde

His work is a kind of urban ready-made which deciphers information from street posters, using them as real materials to recognize the information crossing in long and short term history.
Aldabalde works on layers of urban memory, researching the process of those who stick street posters, he focuses on the materiality and composition of the paper, scans the city trying to find an opportunity to get hold of its raw materials.

Cari Cohen

Cari takes inspiration from her career as a contemporary architect to delve into this new venture – a one-of-a-kind art series featuring the perfect blend of functionality and industrial chic. ​

Rita Fischer

My production becomes landscapes inhabited by uncertainty. In them I try to represent visions from my environment: unbelieving, hopeless environments; of a paralyzing complexity.

Through a game of tensions and ambiguities between material, formal, dimensional and symbolic, experiment wondering: what is the drawing, shape, space or that, that helps believe?

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